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2010 dolayları

My mom is now retired and as she has a lot of spare time she started to watch some TV series even though she was not the type to watch several series at the same time before. She told me that there is this Korean TV show originally called Goong. The English name is Prince Hours and the Turkish name is Düşlerimin Prensi which means the prince of my dreams. Well, it has been a long time since I have watched a romantic TV show. I liked this one! I watched two episodes and then searched for the series on the internet and found out that it was adapted from a Korean manwha. The series is fun! There are several clichés in the series but these do not make the show bad.
It is nice to see the traditions of a different culture. The quality of the image is also cool. All the colours and the cute referrals to the manwha with snapshots are lovely. The lead actress (Joo Ji Hoon) who is playing the princess CG is doing a great job. Her attitude, manners, gestures, everything about her make the show funnier and more interesting to watch. The story is breathtaking. The show is a complete success with the plot, acting, casting, music and the image quality. You just want to hug the whole cast. For those of you who might be interested, I found a website (which I suppose is legal according to what they say) where you can read mangas. Here is the link for Goong:
You can find many other mangas on this website and purchase some others. I should remind you that Goong is an ongoing manga (in Korean manwha) and you can find most of the episodes on the website above.
Have fun!

Written in 2008 Summer. 

Osho: "...Deep down you want somebody to dictate the terms and style of your life. You are so afraid of making mistakes...because if you are free, naturally you will make many mistakes. But remember, that is the way of life.

Many times you will fall. There is no harm in this. Get up again and learn not to fall. Be more alert. You will make mistakes, but don't make the same mistake again. This is how one becomes wise. This is how one becomes an individual, proud like a cedar tree rising high, reaching to the stars.

Don't be a pygmy. Try to reach to the ultimate height of which you are capable.

And I say unto you that not a single person is born in the world who has not a certain capacity which will make him proud, who is not pregnant with something to produce, to give birth to something new and beautiful, to make the existence richer."

- p. 161-2, Freedom, Osho.

P.S. Well, I think I do not need to add anything. Enjoy it!

Bazı otobüslerde hemen giriş kapısının yakınında "Pasonuzu İstemeden Gösteriniz" yazısı var. Eskiden beri o yazıya bakıp bakıp pasosunu istemeden gösteren, mırın kırın eden bir öğrenci hayal ediyorum. "Öf, bu da iş mi ya? Paso gösterecekmişiz. Al." Böyle.

Biri de çıkıp o yazıyı düzeltmemiş.

I used to like Seinfeld a lot. (used to because it is over. Actually I still do) I found the jokes very clever and the characters of George Costanza and Cosmo Kramer were just great.

When I was watching the series I noticed that Kramer and Abraham Lincoln look alike, and I made a search on Google. And of course people have thought of this before me.

I found this photo on a blog long time ago and now that my laptop is broken I cannot access that blog on which I found the photo as it was saved in my favourites on my laptop. Luckily I copied the photo on a harddisk. (2014 update: that blog was deleted. So I'll leave it to your imagination.)

I mean no offense by the way. Lincoln is super cool. As is Kramer. Aw, how inappropriate this sounds. They're cool in different ways of course. Especially considering that one is a fictional persona.

Well, it's time to say good bye to this blog at least for now.

I will continue writing on other platforms, mediums, notebooks, blogs.

Some of my old posts will be available for reading.

Thanks for all the fish!

From 29th of September to October 16th ComedyinSpain ( will present the 4th edition of the world´s only multilingual comedy festival with multiple shows in various venues in 4 languages.
The headline show of the festival brings to an end a 6 year pursuit of one of Ireland’s and New York´s greatest comedy talents in DES BISHOP in Fahrenheit (c/Aribau 131) @ 20.30 on Friday 30th. On going to press there were just 20 tickets left for this show!!
We will have two very special comedy themed nights of Real live storytelling sensation VENT!! – ‘Telling it like it was’ on Thursday 29th and Thursday October 13th in the same wonderful surrounds of the basement in 7 Sins (c/Muntaner 7) @ 21.00, 5 Storytellers are confirmed for the 29th but we are still seeking storytellers for October 13
Thursday 29th Café Teatre Llantiol 23.00h sees Barcelona´s favourite comedy diva Rachel Arieff bringing her hugely popular show Planeta Catalunya, in which she pulls no punches of her impressions of catalan culture and her adopted home Barcelona. Testing your knowledge and language has never been such fun.
On Friday 7th we present in association with top class dutch comedy with Max van den Burg in Fahrenheit (c/Aribau 131) @ 20.30
October 7 – 9 Barcelona will host once again the very best workshop in the comedy industry. Logan Murray with over 2 decades in performing and teaching the art of comedy, has facebook fan pages devoted to him, author of ‘Teach yourself Stand Up’ and has produced multiple award winning comics and being the catalyst for so much in people’s lives. Unmissable opportunity for anyone seeking a very different challenge. JUST 3 PLACES LEFT!!
The workshop show on Sunday 9th is also hugely entertaining as the workshop participants become part of a fast paced show with up to 11 acts. Well worth a look and available at a great price of just €12 almost just a €1 an act
On Saturday 15th we have a special leaving party for the Giggling Guiri with the return of our own prodigal comic Michael Kossew. Michael was part of the Logan Murray workshop back in 2008 and has since become a full professional act regularly playing London´s comedy store. He will bring his latest Edinburgh show which you can enjoy as part of an evening that includes a special dinner from 20.30 or just the show and Afterparty which promises to be something special in Fahrenheit (c/Aribau 131) from 22.30.
Our main venue Fahrenheit who have recently relaunched their restaurant with an exciting new chef with a decade of experience in some of Europe´s best known Michelin star restaurants and are creating an offer for festival comedy goers to go experience their fine dining. Just mention ‘Giggling Guiri offer’ and you can avail of 20% off the menu until October 16 and if you don’t wish to go a la carte then there will be a special 3 course menu for €24. Reservations can be made directly with the bar at tel: 935 31 34 35 ( de 19h – 24h )nor by mail to
We have launched a special Facebook page where you can find all the latest details and purchase tickets which is redirecting from our sites You need to move fast for Des Bishop.
Get subscribed to the newsletter at which is the other easiest avenue for getting the BCN comedy news that matters.

Konser / Concert
Geleneksel Yahudi müziğinin en önemli temsilcilerinden KlezmaFour grubu
22 Haziran günü Pera Müzesi'nde.
One of the important performers of traditional Jewish music KlezmaFour is at Pera Museum on June 22
1999 yılından bu yana Polonya ve Almanya, Avusturya, İsviçre, Slovakya ve Çek Cumhuriyeti ülkelerinde konserler veren ve müziklerinin kökeninde kentleri - Polonya, Lublin'in tarihi hikayeleri ile doğu, batı ve güney bölgelerinden esinlenmeler yer alan Grup özgün bestelerinin yanı sıra, bir çok Yahudi ve Balkan kültüründen parçalar da sergiliyorlar.KlezmaFour has been performing since 1999, mostly in Poland and also Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia and Czech Republic. Their artistic inspiration is the history of their own city (Lublin - Poland), where at times music traditions from East, West and South have met and mixed. They play songs originating in the Jewish tradition and the Balkan culture, along with their own compositions.

Pera Café

22 Haziran / June
Çarşamba / Wednesday, 19:30Ücretsiz / Free of admissions
İşbirliğiyle / with the collaboration
Polonya Cumhuriyeti İstanbul Başkonsolosluğu
Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Istanbul
Katkılarıyla / with the contribution
Lublin Belediyesi
Lublin Belediyesi The Municipality of Lublin
İletişim /Contact Us

Meşrutiyet Caddesi No.65
Tel : 0 212 334 99 00
Faks : 0 212 245 95 11
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Salı - Cumartesi 10.00 - 19.00
Pazar 12.00 - 18.00
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