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My mom is now retired and as she has a lot of spare time she started to watch some TV series even though she was not the type to watch several series at the same time before. She told me that there is this Korean TV show originally called Goong. The English name is Prince Hours and the Turkish name is Düşlerimin Prensi which means the prince of my dreams. Well, it has been a long time since I have watched a romantic TV show. I liked this one! I watched two episodes and then searched for the series on the internet and found out that it was adapted from a Korean manwha. The series is fun! There are several clichés in the series but these do not make the show bad.
It is nice to see the traditions of a different culture. The quality of the image is also cool. All the colours and the cute referrals to the manwha with snapshots are lovely. The lead actress (Joo Ji Hoon) who is playing the princess CG is doing a great job. Her attitude, manners, gestures, everything about her make the show funnier and more interesting to watch. The story is breathtaking. The show is a complete success with the plot, acting, casting, music and the image quality. You just want to hug the whole cast. For those of you who might be interested, I found a website (which I suppose is legal according to what they say) where you can read mangas. Here is the link for Goong:
You can find many other mangas on this website and purchase some others. I should remind you that Goong is an ongoing manga (in Korean manwha) and you can find most of the episodes on the website above.
Have fun!

Written in 2008 Summer.