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I used to like Seinfeld a lot. (used to because it is over. Actually I still do) I found the jokes very clever and the characters of George Costanza and Cosmo Kramer were just great.

When I was watching the series I noticed that Kramer and Abraham Lincoln look alike, and I made a search on Google. And of course people have thought of this before me.

I found this photo on a blog long time ago and now that my laptop is broken I cannot access that blog on which I found the photo as it was saved in my favourites on my laptop. Luckily I copied the photo on a harddisk. (2014 update: that blog was deleted. So I'll leave it to your imagination.)

I mean no offense by the way. Lincoln is super cool. As is Kramer. Aw, how inappropriate this sounds. They're cool in different ways of course. Especially considering that one is a fictional persona.