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There is nothing more important than human life. According to the 1789, The Declaration of Human Rights, every man is born free.

With the advances in technology,the world is becoming smaller and smaller. Long distances become shorter. We are all coming closer but are we? Do we really care about the human life? How important are someone’s feelings and thoughts for us? We all experience different kinds of discrimination everyday. The Western thinking, or so to say, the Western democracy is not always working. Don’t forget that generalizations can be wrong. There are always exceptions and some variations.

A man cannot choose his parents. He cannot choose his nationality and religion at birth. He cannot change most of the things of his physical appearance and of his cultural background very easily. He cannot change his past and cannot play with his genes. No human race, no nation, no religion or no country is superior to the others. Nobody can judge the others using these concepts. We cannot expect the people to change the things that they cannot change.

Most of us hold some prejudices and some dogmas. I am me, you are you and he is he. I cannot be someone else. Nor someone else can be me. Every human being is unique. The life, the right to live is given to every man, and nobody has the right to take it from him except the case of self-defense.

In our cells that we built for our ourselves, we think that the others are just as we think they are. What if they are not? Why don’t we just try to understand the people? It’s not where someone comes from, it’s how he behaves. Not all the things depend on where we come from. Every single good person deserves to live well. The criterion should be not to hurt the others. We all have different identities. We are mothers, managers, wives at the same time. We are “blacks”, Christians, and fathers at the same time.

We are a combination of many identities. We are the cities to which we travelled. We are the people whom we met. Our minds are maps, videos, pictures etc. We are our feelings, our thoughts, our past, our presents and our future, and our sins, our wills, our dreams, our wishes, our falls, our successes and our failures.

I was born in Turkey. I have lived in Istanbul for many years. I have got many identities. However some people think that all people in Turkey are fundamentalists, and that they are not open-minded. I don’t like being accepted into a community just because I am not that dark-haired or dark-skinned or just because I don’t wear a headscarf.

I could have been a gypsy. We could have been born somewhere else than we were born. Stop devaluing the human life and start valuing it. Prototypes and generalizations may fake you. Be yourself!

Everyone has his own purpose in life. Everything that happens, happens for a good reason. Be aware of your rights and protect them.


Goddess Artemis said...

Konuyla alakasız ama nabersin? ;o)

Blogun yeni sanırım, hayırlı uğurlu olsun vatana millete!

Bana/bize artık bloglarımızdan doğru ulaşabilirsin, görüşmek üzere kocaman öpüyorum :o)

Bye Bye Ek$i Sozluk & Sosyomat

Osman S Börütecene

N.B. Senin bloğu da link olarak ekliyorum kendi sayfama, haberin ola!

Ido Atlasian said...

Iyiyim canim! Sen nasilsin? (Ya da siz yapisik ikizler mi demeli, ne demeli?) Blogumu aklima gelen her bir sey ile doldurmak, vatana millete faydali olmak istiyorum ama ne fayda! Vakit yok. Ki ayni zamanda da nakit yok. Öyle geyik bir insan olup cikiverdim yaban ellerde. El oldum, yaban oldum.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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cicoz said...

cicim canikom?

Ido Atlasian said...

Canimim! Ben bilmiyo, public entry'leri yazanlari tanimiyo, internet manyaklari onlar.

Goddess Artemis said...