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We all have been hearing stories about Marilyn Monroe's charm, how attractive and beautiful she was, or that she was not a natural blond, or she was a dumb blond who created this sexy and dumb blond phenomenon.

After watching some of her movies, making researches on the internet and seeing those extremely beautiful pictures of that diva, I can say that all of the good things told about her were true. I can't imagine that a woman can be more attractive, sexier and more female than her. Her smile, her voice, how she looks... Whatever she does she is a complete "woman". She's got this sweet voice, and I found only a couple of pictures in thousands of them in which she didn't smile. When you look at her pictures, you just think positive things. When you see how she communicated with the kids, and the old people who can see that there is "something" with her. A charismatic actress, a young lady who reflects all the beauty of her time, and a desperate lover she was. Precious people die young.

She is a phenomenon who inspired even the generations after her. I've never seen a more female woman than her. They say that the only thing that made her charming was her dyed blond hair, but after I saw her pictures without any make-up and with her natural and -almost blond- hair colour, I think this woman had a gift. Even in those pictures that she stays still, she's charming and elegant. This photogenic goddess makes you smile when you look at her pictures. A great smile, a great look, and a pure sexiness plus a sexy purity... She's got all! Well, today zero-size is popular, but I prefer the more female Monroe-size.

Watch her great performance in Some Like It Hot and Gentlemen Prefer Blonds.

SUGAR: Been waiting long?
JOE: It's not how long you wait-it's who you're waiting for.

JOE: Do you mind riding backwards? It may take a little longer.
SUGAR: It's not how long it takes-it's who's taking you.


cicoz said...

im with u baby with all of these feelings but..

Anonymous said...

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